In an effort to further advance pediatric neurosurgery and scientific collaboration between members, ISPN has now started endorsed research activities, and the creation of focused clinical/scientific interest groups.

Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Interest Group

The first ISPN endorsed group will be on pediatric epilepsy surgery – the Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Interest Group (PESIG). This group is driven by Jonathan Roth & Shlomi Constantini.

The roles of this interest group are:

  1. To unite pediatric neurosurgeons from around the world, who treat children with epilepsy.
  2. Share knowledge between members.
  3. Collect ideas for study collaborations from the interest group.
  4. Initiate focused studies based on these ideas.

The PESIG will also collaborate with other groups focusing on similar topics.
The PESIG will serve as a platform for performing various scientific/clinical projects, which often focus on relatively rare conditions.

We invite neurosurgeons globally who treat children with epilepsy to take part in this important effort!