This is the chronology of our Society and the annual meetings which are our lifeblood. For those of you who attended I hope there will be memories of scientific enlightenment, fantastic hospitality and enduring fellowship. For those of you who did not attend… hard luck but look what you missed!


1st: Tokyo, 1973 (Satoshi Matsumoto)

2nd: London, 1974 (Kenneth Till)

3rd: Toronto, 1975 (E. Bruce Hendrick)

4th: Würzburg, 1976 (Karl Bushe)

5th: Guaruja, 1977 (G. Machado de Almeida)

6th: Jerusalem, 1978 (A. Sahar)

7th: Chicago, 1979 (Anthony Raimondi)

8th: Marseille, 1980 (Maurice Choux)

9th: Budapest, 1981 (E. Paraics)

10th: Philadelphia, 1982 (Luis Schut)

11th: Göteborg, 1983 (H. Anderson)

12th: Cairo, 1984 (A. Zidan)

13th: Mexico City, 1985 (Fernando Rueda Franco)

14th: Madrid, 1986 (Francisco Villarejo)

15th: New York, 1987 (Fred Epstein)

16th: Rome, 1988 (Concezio Di Rocco)

17th: Bombay, 1989 (Sanat Bhagwati)

18th: Paris, 1990 (Jean-François Hirsch)

19th: Seoul, 1991 (Joon Ki Kang)

20th: Prague, 1992 (Vladimir Benes)

21st: Phoenix, 1993 (Harold “Hal” Rekate)

22nd: Birmingham, 1994 (Anthony “Tony” Hockley)

23rd: Santiago, 1995 (Luciano Basauri)

24th: Ottawa, 1996 (Enrique Ventureyra)

25th: Verona, 1997 (Anthony Raimondi)

26th: Melbourne, 1998 (Elizabeth Lewis)

27th: Salt Lake City, 1999 (Marion “Jack” Walker)

28th: Istanbul, 2000 (Saffet Mutluer)

29th: Aalborg, 2001 (Jens Haase)

30th: Kyoto, 2002 (Shizuo Oi)

31st: Monte Carlo, 2003 (Alain Pierre Kahn)

32nd: Buenos Aires, 2004 (Hugo Pomata)

33rd: Vancouver, 2005 (Paul Steinbok)

34th: Taipei, 2006 (Tai-Tong Wong)

35th: Liverpool, 2007 (Paul May)

36th: Cape Town, 2008 (Graham Fieggen)

37th: Los Angeles, 2009 (Gordon McComb)

38th: Jeju Island, 2010 (Kyu-Chang Wang)

39th: Goa, 2011 (Chandrashekhar Deopujari)

40th: Sydney, 2012 (Charlie Teo)

41st: Mainz, 2013 (Wolfgang Wagner)

42nd: Rio de Janeiro, 2014 (Francisco Salomão)

43rd: İzmir, 2015 (Saffet Mutluer)

44th: Kobe, 2016 (Mami Yamasaki)

45th: Denver, 2017 (Michael Handler)