ISPN Meeting Attendance scholarships – 2023

Each year, ISPN wishes to encourage younger people from low and lower-middle income countries (per World Bank classification) to attend and present at the ISPN Annual Meeting.

As from 2023, we are changing the requirements & entitlements of the scholarship, in such a way that we can more evenly distribute the funds and provide more people with an opportunity to receive a contribution towards attending the meeting!

For this purpose, ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarships of up to USD 2,000 are available on an annual basis.

The amount of the scholarship will be flexible and based on travel distance/time.


The applications are being reviewed.

ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship

The ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship is to be used towards registration, travel and accommodation for the ISPN 2023 Annual Meeting in Viña del Mar, Chile which is scheduled to take place from 15-19 October 2023.

The scholarship will only be transferred (via bank transfer) after you have attended the ISPN 2023 Annual Meeting.


To apply for the ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship you should fulfil the following criteria and complete the online submission application at the bottom of this page:

  • Submit an abstract for the meeting through the meeting website, which needs to be accepted for presentation (submit your abstract before the extended deadline: 15 May 2023)
  • You have to be under 35 years of age by the time of the deadline
  • Applicants should be members of the ISPN – If you are not yet an ISPN member, please join ISPN (link: >
  • You should come from a low or lower-middle income country per World Bank classification – You will be requested to upload a proof of annual income during the application
  • You have preferably not received any previous ISPN support
  • You have to be professionally involved in neurosurgery for children
  • You need to provide a written letter of recommendation (head of department or ISPN member)

You will only receive the Scholarship (via bank transfer) after you have attended the meeting.

Please note that ISPN membership is required to be eligible for the scholarship. Therefore, please join ISPN as a member.


Abstracts should be submitted by the (extended) 15 May 2023 deadline. You will be notified of the result of your abstract submission by early June 2023.

Your scholarship application can be submitted until Sunday 21 May 2023.

Submit your application by completing the application form below and selection will be done according to the above mentioned criteria.

The deadline to apply has passed, and the applications are currently being reviewed.

You will be informed about the result of your scholarship application in June 2023.

ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship Winners 2022

The following young people with an interest in pediatric neurosurgery were awarded an ISPN Annual Meeting Attendance Scholarship to attend the 48th Annual Meeting – ISPN 2022 – in Singapore.

  • Ei Ei Khaing (Myanmar)
  • Benjamin Mutiso (Kenya)
  • Noor Ul Huda Maria (Pakistan)
  • Mitesh Karn (Nepal)
  • Reem Elwy (Egypt)
  • Manilyn Ann Hong (Philippines)
  • Hemaswaroop Kurumella (India)
  • Ananth Abraham (India)
  • Sivaraman Kumarasamy (India)
  • Antari Rahmadani Harmani (Indonesia)
  • Mansur Idris Muhammad (Nigeria)

ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship Winners 2019

The following 10 young people with an interest in pediatric neurosurgery were awarded an ISPN Annual Meeting Attendance Scholarship to attend the 47th Annual Meeting – ISPN 2019 – in Birmingham, UK.

  • Ghassen Gader, Tunisia
  • Cleiton Formentin, Brazil
  • Amparo Saenz, Argentina
  • Salman Mohammed Shaikh, India
  • Elam Mesfin Sebagades, Ethiopia
  • Binod Rajbhandari, Nepal
  • Florencia Ferraro, Argentina
  • Mohamed Mohsen Amen, Egypt
  • Muhammad Arif Hossain, Bangladesh (could not attend due to VISA restrictions)
  • Mohamed Safouane Ben Achour, Algeria

ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship Winners 2018

The following 10 promising young people with an interest in pediatric neurosurgery were awarded an ISPN Annual Meeting Attendance Scholarship to attend the Annual Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Victoria Tcherbbis Testa, Argentina
  • Abenezer Tirsit Aklilu, Ethiopia
  • Lakshmi Prasad Govindaraju, India
  • Sergei Kim, Russian Federation
  • Maguette Mbaye, Senegal
  • Inthira Khampalikit, Thailand
  • Peter Kato Ssenyonga, Uganda
  • Taras Havryliv, Ukraine
  • Andriy Smolanka, Ukraine
  • Davron Kadyrov, Uzbekistan

ISPN Meeting Attendance Scholarship Winners 2017

  • Toni Dimitrov Kondev, Bulgaria
  • Mohamed Mohsen Amen, Egypt
  • Mayank Garg, India
  • Lalgudi Srinivasan Harichandra, India
  • Shweta Kedia, India
  • Nishanth Sadashiva, India
  • Gopa Sedain, Nepal
  • Hammed Oshola, Nigeria
  • Sarah Ive, South Africa
  • Nodirbek Kadirbekov, Uzbekistan