The ISPN Education Committee has established the ISPN Clash of the Titans webinar series to provide education in the field of pediatric neurosurgery in a time where no physical courses can be held.

Webinars will be scheduled on the first and third Friday of the month. Each webinar will cover a controversial topic with two titans in pediatric neurosurgery facing each other, one for and one against.


Friday 18 September 1:00PM GMT.

Corpus callosotomy is a dying and underutilized procedure in pediatric epilepsy surgery

Jeffrey Blount (USA) vs. Wirginia Maixner (Australia)

Moderator: Concezio di Rocco (Italy)


In case you missed one of the ISPN Clash of the Titans webinars, recordings are available below:

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7. Webinar 4 September - Craniosynostosis