Anthony J. Raimondi

Anthony J. Raimondi

The A.J. Raimondi Award was established by the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery with the goal of stimulating the publication by young neurosurgeons of innovative basic or clinical studies.

It was intended to recognize the spirit of the founder of the journal and, in the same time, the scientific curiosity and investigation ability which should characterize the neurosurgeon. Such qualities obvious belonged to the previous winners of the award, namely Francesco Sala (2002), Vassilios I Vougioukas (2003), Yuichiro Nonaka (2004), Seok-gu Kang (2005), Daniela Ierardi (2007), Anthony Figaji (2009), Ji Yeoun Lee (2013) and Albert Tu (2014). The same qualities can be observed in the paper submitted by the most recent winner Llewelyn Padayachi.

The papers considered by our journal for the Raimondi Award should be regarded as a recognition of this intense research and clinical work and a stimulus for the ongoing projects in the field.

Raimondi Award submissions should be sent directly to the Editor of Child’s Nervous System, Professor C. DiRocco.

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 2016 Raimondi award winner Dr. Llewellyn Padayachi

Awarded paper: The relationship between transorbital ultrasound measurement of the optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) and invasively measured ICP in children.

Llewellyn is a paediatric neurosurgeon based in Cape Town. He has a special interest in non-invasive diagnostic techniques and minimally invasive surgical approaches. His research work in this field has resulted in productive collaborations with advanced non-invasive imaging units in Trondheim and Oxford, a PhD, as well as numerous publications and a patent on a novel non-invasive technique for detecting raised ICP.

Part of this work was presented at the ISPN meeting in Kobe as the Raimondi award presentation.

Previous Raimondi Award Winners

  • Albert Tu (2014)
  • Ji-Yeoun Lee (2013)
  • Anthony Figaji (2009)
  • Daniela Ierardi (2007)
  • Seok-gu Kang (2005)
  • Yuichiro Nonaka (2004)
  • Vassilios I Vougioukas (2003)
  • Francesco Sala (2002)