Anthony J. Raimondi

Anthony J. Raimondi

In 2002, the ISPN established the A.J. Raimondi Award in recognition of the spirit of one of the founding fathers of the ISPN. Through the A.J. Raimondi Award, we hope to stimulate the publication of innovative basic or clinical studies by young neurosurgeons.

Papers considered for the Raimondi Award should be regarded as recognition of intense research and clinical work and serve as a stimulus for ongoing projects in the field.


  • Candidates must be ISPN members.
  • Candidates must be neurosurgeons in training or have completed their training as neurosurgeons no more than 5 years before; this is to be supported by the statement from the director of the training program.
  • In the case of a multi-authored paper, the submission must also be accompanied by a consensus letter signed by the co-authors, acknowledging that the main contribution to the study has been Ā made by the author competing for the award.

Submission of papers

  • Papers to be evaluated for the A.J. Raimondi Award must be submitted through the regular Childā€™s Nervous System (CNS) online submission process, with a copy of the submission sent directly to the journal Editor, Professor C. di Rocco, via email. The application needs to be accompanied by a statement from the Director of the Training Program of the authorā€™s institution confirming that the author is eligible for the award.
  • Papers are to be submitted latest 3 months before the start of the Annual Meeting; in order to allow sufficient time for review of the papers before the Annual Meeting. The selected paper will be included in the Annual Issue of Childā€™s Nervous System.

The prize, which will be assigned by the Scientific Committee of the ISPN, consists of a travel scholarship (4 nights accommodation and registration fees) allowing the winning author to present the paper at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISPN.

The winner will receive confirmation latest one month before the ISPN Annual Meeting.

Previous Raimondi Award Winners

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