With great sadness we share the news of the passing of Professor Satoshi Matsumoto, one of the 11 founding members of ISPN, on November 7.

He was a pioneer of pediatric neurosurgery in Japan and also one of founders of JSPN which was founded in 1972. It was dawn of pediatric neurosurgery in Japan.

In a letter from Prof. Osamu Sato about the the history of JSPN from several years ago, Prof. Matsumoto’s achievements were described as follows.

“Prof. Matsumoto studied pediatric neurosurgery at Chicago Children’s Hospital under instruction of Prof. A. Raimondi. On his return to Japan and promotion to Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, Kobe University, he triggered the organization of JSPN. Many young neurosurgeons from Kobe and Kyoto visited and studied pediatric neurosurgery at Chicago Children’s Hospital including Prof. Tomita and Oi, and they disseminated pediatric neurosurgery all over Japan. After the foundation of JSPN, he organized the 1st Annual meeting of ISPN in Tokyo in 1973, and served as President of the meeting.”

Prof. Matsumoto founded the Japan Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Research Foundation after his retirement. He devoted his life for happiness and hope for children who suffered CNS anomalies and contributed for the development of pediatric neurosurgery.

We, JPSN, lost Prof. Mami Yamasaki several months ago and this is another sad, shocking news, but we will go ahead.

We appreciate your kind and deep condolence to Prof. Matsumoto.

Nobuhito Morota, M.D.

JSPN Liaison Chair